Saturday, March 13, 2010

Lankan Traditional Sari There are four t

Lankan Traditional Sari There are four traditional silk saris worn during a Toronto Sri Lankan wedding. The first is worn at the ceremony of thalee, and features red and yellow colors, with a wide border.

The second is worn following the marriage ceremony, and is known as Innaik Koorai, which features rose, yellow or muskat colors. The sari worn to the official Toronto ceremony of marriage registration is the third one, and his family pays these three saris on behalf of the groom.The final Sri Lankan bridal dress sari is paid foe by the bride herself and is worn to the arrival ceremony of the wedding day's wedding stage.

The bride's family also pays for a silk set of Salvai and Vesti to present at the wedding stage, for wearing at the marriage reg

We have become so wrapped up in the culture o

We have become so wrapped up in the culture of whatever Western country we’re living in that we have unwrapped our own values from around us. It is perfectly acceptable to wear jeans on a daily basis but when you get those few opportunities to represent who you really are and reflect your identity then it is important to bring out the saris. It is also unwise to think that we are “Americans” or “Canadians” or whatever else you consider yourself to be because the truth remains that when you look in the mirror the person starring back at you is brown and that is the way the West will always see us…Brown and Inferior…and that’s the way they will continue to treat us no matter how much we change ourselves to become like them. Instead, it is better to be yourself and be proud of who you are. This will more likely guarantee your success and survival as you lead your life in the Wes

Another problem is Gold! It is a meta

ther problem is Gold! It is a metal believed to purify anything it touches. It plays an enormous part in our culture. It is not just meant for weddings and then to be stored away in a bank vault somewhere. That has never been its purpose. In fact, married women are supposed to be adorned in gold all the time. Both Islam and Hinduism encourage the use of gold in jewelry. It is a tremendous part of the culture but does anyone care anymore? Of course, not! How often do you see someone attending a function wearing real gold or even diamond jewelry…probably not very often. Sure they all buy it and store it in their bank’s safe deposit boxes for God knows what reason but they really don’t care for it otherwise. These days fake has become the new gold! Yes it has. It is more important that your jewelry matches your clothes than what it is made of.