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Men Fashion 2011

After all conflicts and confusions between FDCI and FDPC, the former has finally announced its first annual Van Heusen India Men’s Week and unveiled the logo of the forthcoming event at a press conference in the capital recently. With this, the FDCI has managed to position India on the global platform and has been ranked as the fourth fashion capital of the World to host an independent Men’s Week. The event which will be a three day fashion gala from September 11-13 will be held at The Grand in the capital which will witness the presence of veteran and upcoming fashion designers and industry connoisseurs under one roof. The fashion week will showcase the best of Indian talent and will feature 15 shows and encompass over 40 exhibitors. The designers will focus on the various range of men’s fashion starting from men’s clothing to accessories. Highlighting the requirement of an independent platform for men’s fashion, Sunil Sethi, President FDCI said, “Men are active participants and contributors to the growth of fashion today. Menswear dominates a larger per cent of branded apparel sales in the country and the Week aims to give menswear designers a structured momentum and a much needed platform to tap this potential segment of fashion.” Ask him the reason for the logo in all black and white and he says, (in a humorous way), “At least I can assure you that there is no grey in it.” Members present at the occasion include JJ Valaya, Nikhil and Shantanu, Rohit Bal, Varun Bahl, Manoviraj Khosla, Renyu Taandon, Rina Dhaka and Vijay Arora. Among the participating designers, Rina Dhaka is the only women! The first edition of this fashion extravaganza will also provide a unique prospect to promising talent through the ‘Van Heusen Emerging Designer of the Year Contest 2009′ which will be organized in association with FDCI.
The winner will not only be felicitated, but will garner an opportunity to present designs at the Fashion Week itself. This contest, commencing on August 5 will offer an open platform for students and professional fashion designers with an experience of three years or less. The contestants will be judged by a panel of independent jury. Among all, three finalists will be requested to create the line based on the submitted sketches and model measurements provided to them. The final three will exhibit their line at the fashion event. On the basis of the final presentation, the jury will select the winner and will be awarded the Van Heusen Emerging Designer of the Year trophy and an appropriate reward at an award ceremony.
Your future projects I will be in Paris for ‘Whosnext’ early Sept. Mid September is Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai. Early October, I will be participating in Tranoi, Paris. End Oct, there’s Wills India fashion Week. I recently started a kid’s wear line to be launched at the MUSE Mumbai. Side by side I am also working on regular collections of home furnishing for Portico New York. Pearls of wisdom for upcoming designers be it any designer, they really need to believe themselves that they always should come up with something unique and incompatible. Certainly training help them a lot to enhance their skill.
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Summer Dresses For Juniors 2011

Halter dresses never go out of fashion. With many variations in halter dresses, such as knot-front halter and tie-behind-the-neck halter, there is lot that you can experiment with. If you aren’t too comfortable with a bare back, wear a singlet inside or a plain T-shirt on top. This will change the look of your halter dress to a skirt! Team up halters with gladiator sandals, bondage heels, flip flops or chappals to get the right summer look. If the dress has a low cut, accessorize with trendy beaded jewelry. Frocks and skirts are some more summer dresses for juniors. Frocks have been worn by women in every summer since the 1960′s. For the natural look, wear cotton, silk or linen frocks. Big belts worn at the waistline make bold statements. Sleeveless frocks can also be worn as cocktail dresses by juniors! Checkered, plain, pleated, long or short, skirts come in all sizes and shapes. Wear it with casual T-shirts or tunics, they will still be tagged as the most loved summer dresses for juniors.

Women’s Sweater Vest 2011

This is one of the favorites for most ladies and women. Particularly for dark-colored long sleeved designs, these designs help to make a women look slimmer overall and attractive. Choose long sleeves design with narrow vertical stripes if possible as this combination work best in visuals!
If you are going for design and quality, some of the favorite brands are Chadwicks, Woolrich, Pria and Tommy Hilfiger. Pria seems to deliver nicely designs consistently and I would recommend you to take a look at their selections for consideration. I hope that this article has helped you to better select a more suitable women’s sweater vest either for you or your friends.
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Wedding Dress 2011

Every girl dreams about one of the most important days in her life hoping to be perfect. As it is never too soon for the bride-to-be to start searching for that princess dress, and if your weeding is next year, you should know that the 2011 bridal dress trends have already been established. Take a look and draw your inspiration in order to find that fairytale dress.
When it comes to choosing the wedding dress it is never too soon to start looking for the perfect one. If you are planning to get married in 2011, you should take a look to some of the wedding dress trends. It seems that those of you who are more into the romantic style you’ll have no problem in finding the dress of your dreams, as 2011 trends are the expression of romantic, fairytale bride, with vulnerable, fine shapes and fragile details that perfectly emphasize the femininity of the bride. Therefore, there is no problem in starting your “hunting” process as the sooner the better. Don’t forget the accessories, as well your the perfect wedding hairstyle and bridal makeup look.
For 2011, forget about all kind of embellishments and get ready to shine in a simple wedding dress that can totally flatter every bride-to-be regardless her body type. Empire style gowns with fine straps for a romantic and innocent look. Moreover, one could see the Greek goddess inspiration on different breezy dresses. Several tulle layers add movement and volume to the dress. Sweet, bohemian looks are totally “in” for next year.

Fashion Tips for Skinny Men

Small Shoulder Padded Blazers
This type of blazer will impart a muscular look to your upper body. Choose from single or double breasted blazers only that fit your comfortably throughout the body without any extra fabric under the arms or shoulders. Consistency of the top and bottom garment is also very essential to hide your thin frame. However keep the padding light as massive padding can be overwhelming on your thin body making you look lost in oversized garment and also give you a cheap look, despite the fact that the blazer cost you a fortune. Oversized tops with tight fitting pants or vice versa will make your thin frame look even more apparent.
Flat front classic pants with straight or boot cut shape are perfect for the skinny guy. You can add volume with extra pockets. Regular cut jeans are also a good choice.
Tops that sway at Midsection
Avoid figure hugging and clingy fabric shirts and Tees. Choose loose tops that stand slightly apart at your midsection. This will hide your small ribcage and give you a look of bulkiness. Again avoid very loose garments, lest you seem lost in it.
Right Length of Jacket
The jacket should just about cover your buttocks and not go beyond that, neither should it be too short. Short jackets suit short guys as it adds height while a long jacket will hide your whole body.
Accessorize your garments with men’s style light weight stainless steel bracelets and chains that are slightly thick. Avoid heavy metal or broad belts. Broad checked ties would also look good on plain or light colored dress shirts.
Patterns and Fabric
Opt for patterns other than pinstripes. Pinstripes make your body look even thinner. Other patterns would be windowpane or even bold prints. Fabrics with slight bulkiness such as chunky knitted wool garments should help you add a few inches to your frame. Worn over corduroy trousers, they can lend you the weight you require. As for shirts, opt for fabric with higher thread count. Choose crewnecks or turtlenecks and spread collar shirts and Tees to v-necks as they can hide your height. A shorter frame will make you look bulky.

Prom Dress 2011 And 2011

The 2010 spring season opens with a burst of color. Prom dresses are available in every color under the sun. Choosing a gown doesn’t have to be a torturous activity though. Setting some parameters before setting out is a good way to narrow the field.
Start with the color. Decide which colors flatter your skin tone. A good way to do this is to look in your closet. What colors do you normally wear. Which ones have people told you that look great on you. Aside from this, taking photos of your self and then reviewing them objectively is another way to discover for yourself what looks best and which color makes your eyes shine and which colors wash you out.
Color theory was big a decade ago. People were classified into seasons. While this is not as popular today, the theory stands. Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall girls all should gravitate towards different color prom dresses.
Winter girls have a blue or pink undertone to their skin. They are the ones with pale white or very dark skin. Brunettes with intensely colored eyes. Most Asians and African-Americans are also winters. These girls can go straight for the basic colors and look anything but plain. Clear red, black, navy blue, and shocking pink all look fabulous on winters. Icy light colors are also shockingly lovely. Silky gowns in a ice blue work well with their coloring. Stay away from gold, oranges and beige if you are a winter.
Spring girls have creamy white or peach skin. Straw-colored blondes and girls with strawberry red hair and freckled or rosy cheeks are classified as Spring. Their eyes are normally blue or green. The very colors winters are warned against, are the ones spring girls should gravitate to. The warmer peaches and golden yellows make a beautiful prom dress for a spring. Stay away from dark colors to really shine.
Summer girls are pale blondes or brunettes with pale eyes. Girls in this category are sometimes mistaken for Winters, if you fall somewhere between the two, try the photo trick and have someone help you decide what colors look best. One clue is if you look washed out in black. Summer girls often do not look their best in black, while pastels work perfectly. Try a plum colored dress or a rosey hued gown for the best effect. But like the winter girls, stay away from orange.
On the other hand, Autumn girls are easy to spot. Their golden skin and red hair or brunettes with golden brown eyes can’t deny being an Autumn. If you need another clue, Autumns do not look their best in blue. But shimmer in orange, gold and dark brown. A stunning deep chocolate brown dress or leopard print prom gown is a head turner for an Autumn girl.
Knowing where to start is helpful when looking for a prom dress. Looking beautiful on prom night is of utmost importance to most girls and wearing the right color will get you there faster.
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Men’s Fashion for Summer 2011

One key item that is back once again is denim. All the major brands have launched their new ranges, with particular importance on the classic finishes once again. Black and blue colours are both there with washed out and regular finishes available for both. Different types of fit are also a possibility, giving you lots of options regardless of whether you want closely fitted jeans or something a bit more loose fitting and casual.
Of course one essential item most men will have in their wardrobes is a shirt or two. These are making good headway in 2011 in both formal and informal styles. If you want to try something more casual – perhaps teamed up with those jeans – there is a particular style of shirt that looks to be making a splash this summer. This is the check shirt, which is casual, comfortable and ready for any occasion.

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Hand Care

We often forget to take care of our hands. Through we use our hands to do all the work in and outside the house we seem to pay very little attention to taking care of them. Our hands come in contact with water, chemicals, is subject to heat and cold, we work with our hands in the garden etc. all this puts stress on the skin of our hands. The first signs of aging are visible on our hands. Here are a few ways in which you can take care of the skin of your hand.
Moisturize your hands as many times as you can in a day. Dry skin looks wrinkled and can easily be damaged.
Wear gloves while washing dishes, dealing with chemicals and while gardening.
Protect the skin on your hands from the sun.
Ensure that your hands are dry. If you have water on your hands it will evaporate drying your skin.
Take special care of your hands once a week. Give your hands a herbal oil massage once a week.
Here are a few hand treatment ideas:
Herbal Hand Bath: Boil one quarter of water and add one tablespoon of herbs (use one or all of these: chamomile, nettle, sage, coltsfoot, calendula). Let this mixture cool and soak your hands in it for 15-20 minutes. Dry your hands thoroughly and apply nourishing moisturizer.
Homemade Nourishing Hand Cream: Mix one teaspoon of honey with 3 tablespoons of unsalted butter. Add one tablespoon of strong herbal mixture. This will make a very rich cream, that will take a while to absorb, but will make your hands soft and smooth.
For dry skin: Mix one tablespoon glycerin, one egg yolk, two tablespoons of vegetable oil, juice of one lemon, 3 to 4 ounces of herbal infusion or rose water. Apply this once or twice a week.
Mashed potatoes with milk make a great hand mask.
After cooking with eggs, before you throw the eggshells away, scrape out the remaining egg white and massage it into your hands.
Rub a piece of lemon on your hands to give your skin a more even tone.
After washing dishes with detergents wash your hands with sour milk or with a vinegar and water solution (1 tablespoon of vinegar per 2quaters of water). This will restore the pH balance of the skin.

Home Pedicure

Like the nails on your hand the nails on your feet too need to be taken care of. You can give yourself a pedicure at home. Given below are the steps to follow for a home pedicure. Remove old nail polish completely. Using cotton balls leaves traces of cotton on your nails try using cotton bands instead. Soak the cotton band with acetone remover and remove the old polish. If the color is not coming off the press the cotton on to the nail and let it soak for a while.
It is always best to use high quality clippers to cut your toenails. Cut your nails straight across, leaving about 1/8″ of length. Do not let your nail extend over the tip of your toe.
For a soft square shape, file the nail around the corners in one direction. Use emory boards and not metal files, as metal files rip nails. The smoother surface is for smoothing the nail edge while the coarser surface is for shortening and shaping nails.
Fill a big flat-bottom bowl with warm water. Add bath salts, aromatherapy oils or Epsom salts and let your feet soak for to minutes. The more calloused your feet are the longer they need to stay soaked. Add about quarter cup of milk to the warm water. Lactic acid in the milk loosens dead skin.
Apply cuticle remove to the base of each nail and rub in. Wait for a minute and then using an orangewood stick, slowly push the skin back where it meets the nail.
Use cuticle nippers to trim loose skin. Do not cut your toe flesh.
Use an exfoliating body or foot scrub and a foot file or a wet pumice stone and remove the dead on the balls and heels of your feet. The idea is the smooth and not the remove. If your foot is turning bright red then stop. This means that you are scrubbing too hard.
Dry your feet thoroughly including between the toes and apply nourishing foot cream. Rub the feet and rehydrate cuticles by rubbing a little cuticle oil.
Use an acetone remover to get rid of the extra oils on the nails. Apply a thin base coat and using three strokes, one down the middle and one on each side. Do not paint cuticles. Apply three coats totally and then apply a thin topcoat. Use orangewood stick wrapped in cotton dipped in nail polish remover to remove excess nail polish.

Sari Fashion

Sari is the traditional attire worn by women in India. It is worn by women belonging to different regions, religions, class and society. The importance of the attire has not diminished since ages and continues to lure both the wearer and the onlooker. Though, with time it has undergone change and has evolved greatly, to enhance the beauty of Indian ladies. There is a wide variety of saris available in the market today, all designed to look unique. So, to know about the latest fashion in the Indian market, read on.
In case you are looking for some thing traditional and ethnic, sky is the limit for you. There is an array of saris available to cater to your choice and taste, which are evergreen in terms of fashion appeal. You can choose from the classics such as Banarasi sari, Kanjivaram silk, Patola, Lucknowi Chikan sari, the Tangail and Shantiniketan sari (with floral and animal motifs) and the cool and crisp Kota saris of Rajasthan. For a plusher look, you can go for Chanderi saris of Madhya Pradesh, Venkatagiri and Poona sari, Pochampali and Maheswari saris, and so on. Adding folk touch to your wardrobe, the colorful Bandhini sari, which is an example of tie and dye craft of Rajasthan and Kutch is a piece worth keeping.
Bringing the latest from the market, the saris in vogue nowadays are designer saris, embroidered saris and mirror work saris. These saris are available in varies materials like georgette, chiffon, crepe, silk etc. Moreover, the butterfly pallu saris are also liked by the women, as it gives them a completely hot look. These saris provide full opportunity to flaunt your beauty as they are knotted below bare shoulders. Focusing on blouses, halter necks are quite in. You can even catch a Bollywood beauty in those shimmery halter blouses, giving complex to Venus herself. So, to look traditional yet fashionable put on that trendy sari and get ready to sizzle.

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Summer Beauty Tips 2011

If you get blotches on your skin or suffer from mild sunburn despite wearing sunscreen then you need to change your technique of wearing sunscreen. Your first reaction will be to change the product that you are wearing but that is where you are wrong.
The reason why you may be suffering from the sun damage is because you wear the sunscreen after your skin had been exposed to the sun or a few moments before you step out.

This is where you are wrong. In order to gain the benefits that the sunscreen has to offer you must apply your sunscreen 20 minutes before you step out. The lotion needs to soak into your skin to be able to protect it from the harmful rays of the sun.
You may also notice the skin on your arms and legs getting dry and looking dull. You may wonder how it is possible to get dry skin in summer even after you use a moisturizing cream.
The problem is that most women use a moisturizing sunscreen lotion in the day before they step out into the sun but don’t use a moisturizer at night. This is where the issue arises. In order to have soft and radiant skin you need to moisturize it at night too.
You can avoid dehydrated looking skin too by drinking a glass of water before you go to bed at night. This is the easiest way to hydrate your skin and protect it from getting dry and looking dull and lifeless.
Women walk in sandals for most of the summer. This leads to the skin on the feet and heels getting dry and in severe cases it may also leads to cracks on the skin. Now, if you face this issue then do not panic.
Simply soak your legs in a tub of warm water every night and use a loofah to get rid of the dead skin cells. Use Vaseline on your feet before you go to bed and wear socks to trap the moisture. Alternatively you could shop around for creams and gels that are rich in moisture and help to hydrate the skin.

60s ladylike Dresses

When we talk about the ’60s dress or skirt in this context, we’re not talking about the later, mod ’60s movement of miniskirts and teeny shift dresses. We’re talking about early ’60s ladylike dressing that flowed on from the late 1950s.
If you want to stick with the theme, here are a few traditional ways of accessorising a ’60s look that can still work today:
  • Ladylike kitten heels.
  • Bold red lipstick for a bombshell look or soft pink for a vintage belle.
  • Cats-eye glasses.
  • ’60s accessories: a wide, waist-cinching belt; a leather clutch in candy-store pastels; gloves; a classic headscarf.
  • Hair worn sultry and ’60s , or swept up into a beehive.

2011 Fashion Trends, Dress

There was also an introduction in the 70′s times of various different fabrics and how that translated into fashion. Other nations had different clothing, which consisted of different textures, colours and materials so as designers neared that point of change they traveled. Not just designers either, everyone traveled and became exposed to what others were wearing in different states. For the first time folks were saw different fabrics and textiles. There was more to fashion than just old granny prints.
Unknown to this young generation now, there has not always been Central Heating. Because fashion has always reflected its moment in history one should very well say that clothes mocked their environment particularly in the 1970′s age. For instance, when a lady traveled in a vehicle in the summer time she most likely left her coat at home due to having no air conditioner in automobiles. In the winter she made sure she brought a coat.

Playsuits and jumpsuits 2011 Fashion Trend

The 80’s have found a way to creep into the spring season, but who’s complaining? I LOVE crop tops they look amazing with skinnies, high-waisted pants leggings or jeggings– whichever you prefer! Crop tops are a piece that can be super casual or dressy if need be, depending on the fabric.

As a 2011 fashion trend the crop top is not just about exposing one’s whole stomach, but about finding elegant new ways of showing a peep of toned midriff. Yes there’s the crop top of the grunge-revival. Yes there’s the crop top of the sportswear-as-daywear trend. But there’s also the crop top as a sophisticated.

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Men’s suit styles 2011

While purchasing a Men’s suit do remember certain things. First important thing is choose a fabric. Suits that are made up of wool are good for all weather and all climates. Second important thing is the fit of the pants. Pants should not be tight from waist. Make sure that you can insert two fingers between you body and waist when you wear the pants. Heavier men should prefer pleats and thinner guys should opt for flat-fronted pant. See to it that your pants have right length. Your pants should reach the top of your shoes but not drag the floor. Shorter men should not opt for cuffed pants, as they tend to make the legs look shorter. A man’s jacket sleeve length should reach the base of his thumb when his arm is hanging down. Your suit jacket should fit you at the waist. The fit of your suit should be comfortable. You should be able to work in it without it being restrictive.

Style Guide For Prom Dresses 2011

The Victorian Bustle Prom Dresses – These ‘sort after’ prom dresses are not so fairytale in appearance as the Cinderella prom dresses but they are as large. They give more of a grown up look to the wearer and can be very suitable because of their dropped waist and full shirt which starts from the hips rather than the waist. 
2. Cinderella prom dresses – Everyone’s favorite. These dazzling ball gowns with their full tulle skirts make the wearer feel and look like a Princess. These prom dresses are mostly strapless but there are a few designers this season that have introduced halter style designs. Each dress should come with removable straps.
3. Sexy Prom Dresses – These dresses are generally made from jersey which will emphasize every curve. Jersey is very clingy and heavy, which makes it hang completely but it will show certain undergarment lines. If you select this style of prom dress think carefully about buying some seam free underwear it will be worth it. As far as embellishments are concerned, these dresses can be covered in sequins and the strap details can be a lot gemmed.
4. Hi-low Prom Dresses – Celebrity’s are loving these dresses because the hemline is short at the front and the back finishes in a long exciting train combining trendy and Hollywood glamour at the same time. If you select this style, splash out on a pair of metallic stylish heeled sandals. These sandals will be on display and will entire your whole look.