Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wedding Style Guide

Classical: If your dream wedding is a classical one, then you are dreaming of a big white gown, a flowy veil, top hats, open-topped vintage cars, and a tiered cake big enough to feed a thousand guests. Of course it’s an elegant and a fairy-tale royal wedding.

- Casual: If you are looking for simplicity, then you are looking for a casual wedding. For example, beach, brunch, or afternoon weddings. Something that is laid back with minimum detail. Maybe a photo booth, colorful cocktails, sunglasses, umbrellas, and furry fans.
- Custom: Plan your wedding according to your personal interests. Make it in your favorite season... It should be all about you and your significant other, so plan a day that celebrates who you are. Mixing and combining wedding themes is your best bet.

Long dresses are costly 2012

She revealed why she opted for the more structured thigh-skimming look.
'It'll happen on the red carpet. That's why my dad isn't here right now because he always steps on my dress. So no longer do we walk carpets together,' she deadpanned in an interview with Access Hollywood.
'There's always a frickin' hole in it when you're on the red carpet. You leave here having to buy the thing because everyone has put their heel in the back of your train. I've learned!'
Miley has explained the inspiration behind her different look. The stunning star relies on some trusty accessories to amp up her wardrobe choices.
'I just thought I love white on a white carpet. I thought it would be fun. I like that it's a little boyish but still feminine,' she said, before explaining her gold necklace accessory.
'This chain literally never comes off. I work out in this.'

Get some of this Vitamin K eye cream

One thing you should always keep track of is your sleeping hours, which hugely affect how your eyes look. The lack of sleep causes your skin to look pale, making dark circles more prominent. Always aim for no less than seven to eight hours to get the perfect looking eyes.
• This is the last pointer you should turn to when all the others have failed to help you get rid of the dark circles and it’s turning to cover it with a concealer. But the concealer is another story that needs some work to give you the best result, as it’s the ultimate miracle worker. It instantly hides skin imperfections and brightens the dark areas. And here is how to pick up the perfect shade and formula for your eyes:
- Go one shade lighter than your skin since the concealer is often used to camouflage dark areas of the skin such as the under-eye circles. By choosing a lighter shade you will lighten those circles without drawing attention to them which can happen if you choose a shade that is too light.
- For dry skin, try a cream concealer that’s applied with a wand. And for normal skin, pick a stick or a pot concealer, as these formulas are drier than cream concealers so they look more mutt on your skin.

Wear Tight Jeans

Medical experts as well as UK TV star Dr. Hilary Jones have warned that these jeans are hurting the most sensitive and important part of male, which also can ultimately make them infertile. They have cautioned that the jeans have a direct effect on testicles, which thus causes major testicular problems, including twist in testicles, weakness in bladder and also infection in the urinary tract.

Medical science cautions that twisted testicles is a major problem, which happens when spermatic cord does not have a free movement, thus causing a stress in testicles, which ultimately cuts off supply of blood. The condition needs to be operated immediately; else the testicle might get infected.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Burnished Bridal Week Day

L’Oréal Paris is a  world’s Most famous beauty brand. The Pakistan Fashion Design Council PFDC  Provide platform to present  Bridal collection  which collection is Include  traditional Pakistani Bridal fashion, jewellery and make-up trends, which together create the ‘look’ for the Bridal Season 2012.

Spring Dhanak Rang Dress Collection

Always Look  Great To The Women To Use These Dress.The Style of Suits Are Farak And Churidar Pajama With Embroidery Work And Matching Dupatta.Theses Farak Dress Are Party Times To Add A Little Spice And Style To Your Life.Those Dress Are Spring, Summer And Party Wear Collection.

Bridal Show At Chicago

American Bridal Show At Chicago   Held Recently. In this show American Bridal wearing beautiful dress with precious jewelry and Stylish Dress. The dress were combination of west and east which are amazingly designed.

Wedding Season Net Lehenga Choli

Lehenga Choli is  a dress for special Event like engagement, Wedding or for bridals . Lehenga Choli  is Designed and stich according to the body shape and color completcion. Work on  Lehenga Choli  is done with different thing or material like diamantes, cutdana, stones, jardosy and kundan work. A well Design  Wedding Net Lehenga Choli  will give you very divine and charismatic look on your special day.

Summer Fashion Outfits Dresses

Breakout is a well known  garment brand of Pakistan. Breakout Latest collection for Girls is colorful and comfortable .Breakout Garment Brand  bring college and university wear summer dress for girls.

American Fashion Designers 2012

American Most Famous Fashion designers Versace, Gucci, Prada These are famous united states which are not only working united states but also Most Famous Countries in world.Some of experts Says that in Canada and Austria country They create the Business in Good form.The basic start From new york is not hidden.
See some Clothing fashion of Versace, Gucci, Prada
Versace clothing fashion designs Take A look on dresses
Italian brand Versace is part dresses clothing which use to clothing in all over the world the other Versace brands also Famous for it.
Gianni Versace Fashion Designer is famous for Versace fashion now its Dresses are such Famous and many of Hollywood hit starts wear Its brand.
Gucci is Famous Fashion Company which almost Have Good Business in their hands.The Gucci sales Increasing every year.The Gucci Products become Love for their Visitors.
people Which have Great eye on Fashion think that Gucci is Future of Fashion and It will be Most Best Fashion in Future World.
see some Gucci Fashion Which are Famous these days Gucci 2010 Fashion dresses and Clothing Fashion.
images of Gucci Fashion
Take a look to others Some Brand of Gucci
Gucci Handbags which are famous for Their beauty Why Gucci Handbags is selling on large Scale just because of its Colors of passion and beauty of looks.
Gucci clothes
Gucci Clothes are Famous in all over the world just because of Their beauty The Market is full of Gucci Stuff it fact that new Competitors Comes every year and Presented the New way to fashion but love of Customers of Gucci is Still Increasing.
New Gucci Classic is Becoming Famous these days American Citizens but as well Gucci Black Red jackets and Shirts are becoming Favorite in youngsters.

Kayseria Collection

After the success of bareeze sefam has opened its sub branch named Kayseria. With the commitment of providing quality products to the masses of Pakistan. Sefam has come up with another quality brand of exclusive prints Kayseria.Kayseria, exclusive prints by bareeze brings for Pakistani women premium quality fabrics.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wedding Tips For Babes And Girls And Teenages

Every bride wants to look their very best on their wedding day; when else will you be the focus of attention of your closest friends, as well as the subject of a photographer chosen to capture you and your partner within a day that is both intimate and public? Every bride deserves to be the special lady of the day and look the best.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Quick Makeup Tips for Instant Glamour 2012

As you may know, makeup is always started after washing our face. Pat dry your face with towel and rub softly with your hands to bring that natural pink glamour. How To Make The Makeup Stay Longer Try these timeless tips to look glamorous.
1. Put on Primer and Foundation: Dab some on both sides of the cheek, ear and forehead, and then blend on the entire face. Technically, primer is optional but pros use it. I use it if I know it’s going to be a long day and I won’t have time to primp myself or for an important evening out. Makeup base are good to hold makeup but give a heavy look to face. Primer is just fine to stay the makeup long. You can also use a moisturizer with a built-in foundation.
Optional Tip: Makeup base are good to hold makeup but give a heavy look to face.
2. Apply Face Powder :
Dust some powder evenly on to your face, ear and neck. Face powder or compact absorbs the excess oil and neutralize the greasy effect of foundation. Loose powder should be chosen over the cakes. Whatever your flush fix of choice, finish with a dusting of translucent powder, making big sweeps over your face.

Winter Coats And Jackets 2011

British winters aren’t usually the most freezing in the world, but if the last three years have been any indication of what’s to come, they could continue to get worse. The most recent winter the UK has experienced proved just how ill equipped the country is for such brutal weather conditions: closed airports, blocked motorways, people trapped in cars and houses, businesses shut for weeks, people unable to get to doctors and hospitals… the list goes on. On a lighter, more individual note, many people have found that they themselvesare a bit ill equipped for this type of weather too: we’ve been going outside in
our best coats and jackets and freezing our fingers off!