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Fur is often considered the ultimate in luxury and style. It’s also very warm, comfortable and lasts a long time when properly cared for. Many people shy away from fur for fear that caring for it will be too difficult or expensive. Although there are some types of fur that are extremely delicate, most are not as difficult to care for as people believe them to be. As long as it is properly stored and cleaned your fur should last for many years.

1. The optimal way to store fur is to have your furrier place the garment in cold storage where temperature, humidity and ventilation can be monitored. If you plan to store it yourself be sure to do so in a dry, well ventilated area. Fur needs to breathe so that the leather backing on it does not dry out, so never store it in plastic. If you want to use a garment bag, be sure it is made of a breathable cloth. Store your fur in a dark area so that it s not faded by light exposure. Fur does not like heat, so make sure your garment does not spend the summer in a hot closet or room. Finally, never hang fur in a wire hanger. Always use a wide or padded hanger.
2. Fur should be cleaned at least once a year, even if you do not wear it often. When specialists clean fur they also condition it, which keeps it looking its best. Do not use a dry cleaner or attempt to clean your fur yourself using sprays or other chemical cleaners because using the wrong chemical can ruin your garment. Mothproofing should also be done by a qualified fur care professional.
3. If your fur gets immersed in water or otherwise soaked through it is important to seek the help of a fur professional right away. Snow and drizzle, however, will not be a problem for most furs. If your fur gets wet simply shake it out and hang it in a cool. well ventilated area to dry. Shake it out again when it is dry, and smooth out any bristled fur with your hand. Although it may be tempting, you should never use heat to dry your fur, or brush it out.

Fashion Tips for Skinny Men

Small Shoulder Padded Blazers

This type of blazer will impart a muscular look to your upper body. Choose from single or double breasted blazers only that fit your comfortably throughout the body without any extra fabric under the arms or shoulders. Consistency of the top and bottom garment is also very essential to hide your thin frame. However keep the padding light as massive padding can be overwhelming on your thin body making you look lost in oversized garment and also give you a cheap look, despite the fact that the blazer cost you a fortune. Oversized tops with tight fitting pants or vice versa will make your thin frame look even more apparent.


Flat front classic pants with straight or boot cut shape are perfect for the skinny guy. You can add volume with extra pockets. Regular cut jeans are also a good choice.

Tops that sway at Midsection

Avoid figure hugging and clingy fabric shirts and Tees. Choose loose tops that stand slightly apart at your midsection. This will hide your small ribcage and give you a look of bulkiness. Again avoid very loose garments, lest you seem lost in it.

Right Length of Jacket

The jacket should just about cover your buttocks and not go beyond that, neither should it be too short. Short jackets suit short guys as it adds height while a long jacket will hide your whole body.


Accessorize your garments with men’s style light weight stainless steel bracelets and chains that are slightly thick. Avoid heavy metal or broad belts. Broad checked ties would also look good on plain or light colored dress shirts.

Patterns and Fabric

Opt for patterns other than pinstripes. Pinstripes make your body look even thinner. Other patterns would be windowpane or even bold prints. Fabrics with slight bulkiness such as chunky knitted wool garments should help you add a few inches to your frame. Worn over corduroy trousers, they can lend you the weight you require. As for shirts, opt for fabric with higher thread count. Choose crewnecks or turtlenecks and spread collar shirts and Tees to v-necks as they can hide your height. A shorter frame will make you look bulky.

Dresses for wedding tips

Looking for affordable bridesmaid dresses? Try shopping for them during the holiday season – but not in expensive bridal salons. Department stores such Sears, for example, generally carry an excellent selection of glamorous cocktail and evening dresses as the season for parties approaches – but at much lower prices than what you’d pay for similar “bridesmaid dresses” in a bridal boutique. With just a quick look though a local department store before firing off this tip, I was able to find an array of gorgeous styles priced at a mere $49! An entire world of fabulous finds can definitely be found for well under $100. So when the season of good cheer rolls around, it’s time to grab your girls and hit the mall! If rock bottom prices are what you have in mind, here’s an even better suggestion: Scour the stores towards the end of the holiday season when prices are being heavily marked down, and cash in on the clearance sales for even greater savings.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Black Priented Kurties

Here am gonna share with you very nice Black Priented Kurties.That are in different styles and can be wearied on both salwar and trazor .

These Kurties can are causal dress and easy to wear in all type of fashion.

That are in very simply style but due to their lovely print that are looking very nice .

Bridal Dresses

Every bride wants to look stunning on her wedding day, so naturally wants a wedding gown that fits perfectly. There are so many dresses to choose from that it can sometimes be overwhelming. Looking through the bridal magazines can give you some great ideas, but how many of us have the figure of the models in the magazine.

Finding a dress that compliments your unique body shape is important. Knowing where to start you search is very helpful. The cut, style and even the fabric of your gown can have a tremendous impact on how you appear on your wedding day. There are some simple guides that can help you get started in selecting the perfect dress that will accent your assets and disguise any flaws.

For the future bride that has an hourglass figure, an off-the-shoulder or strapless gown is perfect. Accentuate the curves with one-piece dresses. A two-piece gown will tend to chop the figure in two. Avoid heavy beading since this can make the bride look heavier.

For the girl with a figure that is pear shaped, a gown with puffy sleeves or shoulder pads is recommended. Avoid body hugging fabrics, full skirts or any cut that makes the top part of the body look smaller and the lower part of the body larger. The idea is to “even things out.”

Kurties are much in now a day

Kurties are much in now a day .it can be design on any kind of fabric.Kurties can be design with beats,leases,ribbon,applic style or with any embroidery.its looks stylish and very nice to wear.

Latest Prom Dress

Long formal dresses Prom shaferski and another set with poor overlap in the foothills of crumpled chiffon Paul. Pearl beads increase from one side of the diaphragm. Neighbor and bottom layers made of silk and chiffon 2 t fabric.Semi see emerging the top with a built in Brazil. And matching scarf embroidered English net included.

Lehenga Choli

lehenga is Women's traditional national costumes, and the names Chaniya Chol, Ghagra choli.Elegant Sahara and elegant clothes, this festival, it is easy to do. A lehenga or ghagra is a pleated skirt, short or long dresses, sewing and assembly of the T-shirt (that Chol). ghagra is secured at the waist and back, and left the top bare stomach. Cholera is wearing dupatta, 2.5 m of light transparent material is usually in charge of Georgette.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Last dance dress with a sarong-style

Last dance dress with a sarong-style floor crumple Poly coincide with chiffon. Instead of beads to emphasize one side of the skirt. Two-tone silk chiffon in the middle and lower layer.
Top is fully accentuated by pearl accounts, sequins, and on top of sage organza flower with Tulle supporting role Net.Semi glass top with an English patch. Net accounts with the relevant scarf English.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bridal Makeup

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The make-up, make-up oh. Bridal make-up of industry seems to be really hit or miss in the world and Desi - the event looks terrible, terrible future. An artist known for your skin or taken seriously, so do not care how you want to belong to a bad sound foundation disaster, the terrible dark red lips, black eyes, rich twilight. Many artists, all the ladies in their faith, and in some, but in general, this is a bad move! Can not forget the date the bride, you - this is the most photographed day of your life (of course, they really never)! Bhawalpur Bombay, or whether you, your make-up session, you need to take a few hand samples is essential.

First, the consultation is very important to artists with them before your day is great. Are paid, your marriage, not just another addition to its investment portfolio, they will feel the confidence you need to hear. However, consult your makeup will not discuss your wedding day are listed below the pointer. In short, if you do not want to / critique of your artists are artists, their work is not the end of the day students can do.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

young and temptatio

Now, here's Desi genes plays, you start to doubt whether such a dark color will look good on your skin. Do not fall into this trap. Sometimes a little attitude should be bright colors. Please note that some black nail Polish general system, we have more than a little nervous, we are becoming a laughing stock, now we see that the shadow desi women turning around, including me. You only need to wear the right products together. Remember, light light black eyes, lips lip or black eye. Any other time, you will see more Biluolita Moulin Rouge.

National agricultural research systems in many pork products, you can turn on a light color if you want to create. Therefore, no matter what color you try these products possible.

Every bride dreams of her wedding day

Every bride dreams of her wedding day and wants to be at her best appearance that day.Bridal make up is an important part of bridal dressing.Pakistani Bridal with Latest Jewelry and Makeup Look Gorgeous.Along with the shinning jewellery and a gorgeous wedding dress if the make up and the hair do is inappropriate then their beauty are also marred. So it’s very important to know about the right kind of bridal make up that would suit the brides taste and skin tone.Though Indian bridal make up is a bit gorgeous with red and gold hues predominating but the make up shouldn’t be over the top and should naturally enhance the dewy radiance of the bride.

Pajama and Kameez

Party Wear Churidar pajama and Kameez with Resham Work ever lookdorned with resham work in form of lovely patterns and patti , Churidar and Matching Dupatta.

Beautiful Churidar pajama and Kameez with intricate embrodiery using resham in contrasting off different color around Neck, chest, armhole & daman area.

Dress to impress yourself

Dress to impress yourself . Different Touch Stylish Kurtis are very well designed with a little bell sleeves.A light sequence work is done on the front of the kurta to give an empire line pattern where as the same is followed on the sleeves too.Different Touch Stylish Kurtis colors is the interesting and beautiful part of this dying.

kurti is the new word for comfort

Long sleeves Kurtis Tunic with Latest Style of Embroidery and Stones get the fusion expression. Whether it is beads, threads, hand work, sequins or machine embroidery.kurti is the new word for comfort.

Party Wear

Party Wear Pleated Evening Gowns dress is designed to show off your beautiful shoulders and back.The daring open back, low cut V-neck halter bodice has side cut outs with beaded accents on the shoulders and empire waist.

Women Night Suits

Women Night Suits is so sober that it gets into his mind slowly and heightens his mood subtly. Take care that you do not move or sway much else his desires will arise faster seeing you move in this soft and silky dress.

Night suit

Night suit can simply be termed as the loosely hanging suits that provides maximum comfort to the wearer entire night. Women Night Suits conforms a stunning look to the wearers.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Dress up at the body shape

Choosing the right clothes, the delicate task may seem. What looks good on the shelf does not look as hot as you can.
Then choose the right dress, you must first understand your body type.

Make sure that you have selected all the clothing Umaima Khorakiwala, high-fashion designer, fashion designer, specializing in the best way to spread it strengthens.

Stocks in both formal and leisure Umaima how to choose a dress for her advice.

Body Type

Plump men's high is below the bottom of the letter form the middle of the body as a dress online (narrow and gently flaring form) must be worn at the top.

Avoid empire line (just below the chest to the waist contours obtained), dresses, waistlines and body are set too low in clinching. Interested in this problem area, select a distance before - on the necklines.

Skinny: wrap dress, dress up some skinny frame torch to match the style. Boat neck gives the illusion of broad shoulders. Avoid direct style and clingy knit dress cut.

Because they emphasize the waist, PE: This body type is generally linear, because the safety belt. This body type looks good shirt.