Tuesday, November 3, 2009

pen your wardrobe of what tumbles down

aded. Now change it up a bit! We've seen the Birkin in so many colors on her arm! I'll probably be pilloried for saying it, but I am not a fan of the Birkin. There. I said it. I feel like a weight has been lifted. It is a polished bag - no doubt - and a great sized tote at that, but those useless short handles ruin it for me. IMHO, small bags look appropriate carried on the arm like that; these shopper style totes belong on the shoulder. Though undoubtedly luxe, the impractability of this bag does nothing to justify the hefty price tag. Alright, Birkin love

pen your wardrobe of what tumbles down is a torrent of your most friend collections – your clothes.
Sunshine yellows, buttery Creams, sparking blues and lush greens smile at you like a tangle of blossom and verdure. That hip Jeans you picked up from Singapore or that fluff cardigan you grabbed from Switzerland may all be there but the logic problem that baffles you always remains.
Yes, the perennial problem of ‘what to wear for the occasion ‘. But worry not, for, we spill a few frothy ideas for you to dive into. First let’s talk of feminine flounce. Frilly blouses are a good bet for informal get togethers and on all – girls– lunch type of gatherings. They add a cute girly touch to your appearance. Club them with knee –length satin skirts for that super – girlie feel. You could also wear jeans with spaghetti is or halters. T-shirts are too casual and should not be worn unless you are going for and outdoor picnic.
Well, family affairs can be tricky. Especially if they are slightly formal. Since you are with the family, you can’t’ be too formal.
And your can’t be sloppy or carelessly dressed either, especially if it’s a semi – formal occasion. So be a little conservative. A smartly filled salwaar kameej, designer sari or even well worked upon kurtis and trousers are a safe bet.
Formal dinners give you every chance to make the glamour queen within you pop out. Try wearing silky or satiny skirts or dresses. A chiffon or georgette sari can be worn with a haltered, backless and elegantly cut bl

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