Sunday, May 16, 2010

Plus Sizes Dresses

Author: Cherry B

In today’s fashion, a halter is very popular. You will see it in formal wears, casual wears, summer and spring wears. It comes in dresses and blouses; and for plus sizes women, they are not exempted from this style. There are simply two effects in wearing women plus sizes halter tops: it can look good or it can look very bad; and all depends on how it’s worn as well as the type of body it adorns. If your bust isn’t very large, a well-fitted halter top can make the most of what you have by creating cleavage that does not normally exist. Medium bust lines can also benefit from a halter top, especially one with shaping that lifts, creating a longer waistline as well as a fuller bust. Halter tops plus sizes can also deemphasize wide shoulders. But if you are blessed with a big bust, halter top is a big no-no however fashionable and trendy the clothes may seem. Halter top straps women plus sizes wrap around the neck so it overemphasize the chest part and you may look very large. Women with larger busts should consider tops with more width to the wrap, making the overall look fuller. Skinny straps can also look out of balance with a large, full bust. Sexy halter tops also fit more snugly around the midriff. For something more playful try a high-waist style halter top in light printed cotton with a looser fit.Article Source:

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