Thursday, July 1, 2010

Fancy Dress


Things You’ll Need:

* Imagination
* Access to shops
* Information about the party

Make a Decision

Decide what you want to go as. If the party has a theme, or color restrictions, this will limit your choices. Examples of color restrictions are: a black and white ball, red and wild or deep blues. Creating your outfit is comparable to developing a character for a play or novel.
Think about what your character would wear Get a picture of it in your mind.
Write down a list of pieces for the costume that you will need, based on the picture in your mind. If your picture is fuzzy use a search engine’s image section to help.
Make your way to the shops. If you’re buying a costume this means finding the pieces and purchasing them. If you’re making your costume pick a pattern and fabric. Then get sewing.
Try it all on. Get all the pieces together, put them on and stand in front of your mirror. Did you forget anything? Stockings? Shoes? Does anything look wrong? If so, back to the store you go.
Design your makeup, if you’re wearing any. It should match the outfit’s style without looking like a circus clown.


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