Saturday, August 21, 2010

In ancient Rome to the legal marriage kiss just a few

In ancient Rome to the legal marriage kiss just a few. He kiss on the link to all legal contracts to sign. It is believed that the origin of the modern tradition of banging a spoon against a glass to the bride and groom to kiss.

We want your father to the altar? Do you know where established habits? Oh, a woman who believes that his father building until they are married, and it was her husband's property. His father was a marriage to be literally "away", the transfer of ownership to the people. Now brides often have their parents or both parents with them, and asked the priest: "Who supports this couple in marriage?" Parents answer 'we'.

No need to explain to the honey. But you know where it comes from the term? In ancient Ireland, when the couple, parents to ensure the fermented honey drink serving Mead said that was the last time in a complete cycle of the moon. It was considered that to bless them with his son in one year.

When they can to force the bride to marry her kidnapper, the groom will be taken to her new home. The Romans believed it was unlucky for the bride to trip over the threshold to prevent the groom's hair.

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