Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Gowns with heavy beads should also be avoided

Gowns with heavy beads should also be avoided. You don’t want to look chubby in your gown. So keep your eye on making yourself beautiful with a gown that will surely highlight your hour-glass figure.
Gowns with Puffy Sleeves
Puffy sleeves or pads in the shoulder are suitable for brides who have a pear-shaped figure. A pear-shaped body figure means a larger lower body than the upper body. The puffy sleeves and pads will help enhance the size of the shoulders resulting to a proportionate structure.
Cinderella Gown
Petite brides will look elegant on a Cinderella type wedding gown. Off-shoulders gowns are also a good choice for short brides. Necklines with V-shape can also add length to the bride’s height.
Gowns that are straight are to be avoided as this will emphasize the bride’s petite stature.

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