Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Men’s suit styles 2011

While purchasing a Men’s suit do remember certain things. First important thing is choose a fabric. Suits that are made up of wool are good for all weather and all climates. Second important thing is the fit of the pants. Pants should not be tight from waist. Make sure that you can insert two fingers between you body and waist when you wear the pants. Heavier men should prefer pleats and thinner guys should opt for flat-fronted pant. See to it that your pants have right length. Your pants should reach the top of your shoes but not drag the floor. Shorter men should not opt for cuffed pants, as they tend to make the legs look shorter. A man’s jacket sleeve length should reach the base of his thumb when his arm is hanging down. Your suit jacket should fit you at the waist. The fit of your suit should be comfortable. You should be able to work in it without it being restrictive.

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