Sunday, January 24, 2010

Now in Asian Countries

Now in Asian Countries there is trend of Contrast makeup especially for bridal makeup. These bridal makeup collections are one of them. These bridal makeups are now commonly used in Asian countries which contain Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Srilanka and some Arabic countries also. In These Collections the bridal lip stick color and Eyebrow style, Eye liner, Cheek with Fashion designer Bunto Kazmi is one of the well-reputed designers of the Pakistani Fashion industry. She has an elegant style mania in her Kazmi household range; that is the reason of her dignity.
Presently, Fashion designer Bunto Kazmi has launched another piece of elegance, the tremendously designed Bridal wear. Usually, it seems that almost all the designed philosophy of Fashion designer Bunto Kazmi revolves around the Mughal Empire. In this case of designing Bridal wear, Fashion designer Bonto Kazmi reflected the same touch of traditions and custom. The beautifully designed Bridal wear with the heavy work and fine decent colors, is worth appreciable. The pearls, gems, embellishments all are outstanding and of high quality. Other than the traditional Fashion, the styles of the Fashion designer Bonto Kazmi mascara touch. Some newest Pakistani Bridal makeup collections are

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