Saturday, January 30, 2010

when it comes time to

when it comes time to apply evening makeup we should apply more intensely.

When it comes to applying evening makeup we should keep in mind the lighting in which we will be surrounded in. For evening makeup we can use dark colors and bright textures to achieve a more glamorous and sophisticated look.

Shine with your own light, so you won’t be left in the dark. Conquer the darkness by using shimmery colors that are translucent and show your skin off.

The most stellar color these days is gold, not only in makeup, but in clothing and acessories as well. Lighting is very important because it is one the main factors in your ending results in evening makeup looks.

If we are looking to apply day makeup this will be in softer tones, natural, and of fine texture. The light of the day will reveal any excesses in makeup use. We look for naturalness.

The importance of preparing the skin

Before starting to apply makeup we will apply a cream foundation. This could be a moisturizing base or a foundation base that we can mix with a flash of beauty for those more special ocassions.

We will let the skin rest a few minutes so that the products can properly absorb.
Correct Imperfections

Any problems with pigmentation are worked out before your foundation. If imperfections such as discolorations, pimples, etc, we will cover with a opaque paste textured concealor. We will use a more natural and fluid concealor for the contours of the eyes. Using a thicker concealor on the eye will result in accentuating the expression lines.

We can use the same fluid concealor (in a lighter shade than the skin tone) to soften features that tend to age a woman.

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