Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Get some of this Vitamin K eye cream

One thing you should always keep track of is your sleeping hours, which hugely affect how your eyes look. The lack of sleep causes your skin to look pale, making dark circles more prominent. Always aim for no less than seven to eight hours to get the perfect looking eyes.
• This is the last pointer you should turn to when all the others have failed to help you get rid of the dark circles and it’s turning to cover it with a concealer. But the concealer is another story that needs some work to give you the best result, as it’s the ultimate miracle worker. It instantly hides skin imperfections and brightens the dark areas. And here is how to pick up the perfect shade and formula for your eyes:
- Go one shade lighter than your skin since the concealer is often used to camouflage dark areas of the skin such as the under-eye circles. By choosing a lighter shade you will lighten those circles without drawing attention to them which can happen if you choose a shade that is too light.
- For dry skin, try a cream concealer that’s applied with a wand. And for normal skin, pick a stick or a pot concealer, as these formulas are drier than cream concealers so they look more mutt on your skin.

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