Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Long dresses are costly 2012

She revealed why she opted for the more structured thigh-skimming look.
'It'll happen on the red carpet. That's why my dad isn't here right now because he always steps on my dress. So no longer do we walk carpets together,' she deadpanned in an interview with Access Hollywood.
'There's always a frickin' hole in it when you're on the red carpet. You leave here having to buy the thing because everyone has put their heel in the back of your train. I've learned!'
Miley has explained the inspiration behind her different look. The stunning star relies on some trusty accessories to amp up her wardrobe choices.
'I just thought I love white on a white carpet. I thought it would be fun. I like that it's a little boyish but still feminine,' she said, before explaining her gold necklace accessory.
'This chain literally never comes off. I work out in this.'

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