Wednesday, October 7, 2009

and jewelry play the major rol

ss and jewelry play the major role as the bride and the groom want to look elegant. Wedding dress and jewelry is very important in Pakistan also. Pakistani bride selects a perfect wedding dress to look attractive. She will remember this for the rest of her life.
There are plenty of types of wedding dress like Sharara, gharara, lehenga choli, mermaid cut lehenga, churidar and pyjama with angrakha, salwar kameez, Pakistani salwar suits and saree to select for the wedding in Pakistan. They are also available to suit everyone's financial position. Bridegroom's dresses in Pakistan are designed in such a way that they cater for both tradition and style. The dress can be white, black or any other color. However, black is liked superior by most of the grooms. These dresses are designed and cut by specialist designers.
Bride and the groom's garments are decorated with embroidery work using threads, beads, discs, silver and gold threads. Sherwani is a long coat, which fits close to the body is worn by the groom over his normal dress. Sherwani is fitted with number of buttons to fasten in the front. Sherwani is also embroidered such that it gives a pleasing look. Peshawri and Baloochi are two types of Sherwani decorated with embroidery. In addition, some of the grooms wear turban. Turban is always in the traditional red color. Sandals are the footwear preferred for the wedding.

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