Saturday, October 24, 2009

rom dresses is one of the

rom dresses is one of the designers best collection because of its best and unique designed. And because of this most of the prom dresses comes in unique prices also which has been made by those top designer all over the world.

Yumi Katsura – she is one of the most famous prom dress designer that was always creating a very expensive prom dress. And the one dress she makes cost only 31.2 million dollars. it was made by a special material, and endowed with 1000 pearls, a diamond of 8.8 carats and diamond of 5 carats of white gold.

Renne Strausse – she is on the second position as one of the famous prom designer that made a prom dress that cost 12 million dollars. The prom dress was applied with hundreds of diamonds.

Giorgio Armani – one of the most famous prom dress designers also because of its creations that are famous by Swarovski crystals sewn on it with patience and skill.

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