Saturday, October 10, 2009

his rayon blend sweetpe

his rayon blend sweetpea green dress is a size XS. And is on Sale! Will fit Bust measurements of 31-32.5" best. Length from top of the shoulder to hem is about 32" long. The neckline is a deep rounded V, which is embellished with tons of ummm...I don't know really what to call it. Loops? Dangly-loops? Elegant floof! Yeah, that works for me! And then there is a long dangly bow that ties and hangs in the center. The waist comes in high below the bust and there is some elastic for stretch in the back. This dress can be handwashed with mild detergent, and line dried. Very elegant looking and a one of a kind. I won't be making more 'cause there's no mo' fabric. (I'm rooting for Leanne o

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