Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Fur is often considered the ultimate in luxury and style. It’s also very warm, comfortable and lasts a long time when properly cared for. Many people shy away from fur for fear that caring for it will be too difficult or expensive. Although there are some types of fur that are extremely delicate, most are not as difficult to care for as people believe them to be. As long as it is properly stored and cleaned your fur should last for many years.

1. The optimal way to store fur is to have your furrier place the garment in cold storage where temperature, humidity and ventilation can be monitored. If you plan to store it yourself be sure to do so in a dry, well ventilated area. Fur needs to breathe so that the leather backing on it does not dry out, so never store it in plastic. If you want to use a garment bag, be sure it is made of a breathable cloth. Store your fur in a dark area so that it s not faded by light exposure. Fur does not like heat, so make sure your garment does not spend the summer in a hot closet or room. Finally, never hang fur in a wire hanger. Always use a wide or padded hanger.
2. Fur should be cleaned at least once a year, even if you do not wear it often. When specialists clean fur they also condition it, which keeps it looking its best. Do not use a dry cleaner or attempt to clean your fur yourself using sprays or other chemical cleaners because using the wrong chemical can ruin your garment. Mothproofing should also be done by a qualified fur care professional.
3. If your fur gets immersed in water or otherwise soaked through it is important to seek the help of a fur professional right away. Snow and drizzle, however, will not be a problem for most furs. If your fur gets wet simply shake it out and hang it in a cool. well ventilated area to dry. Shake it out again when it is dry, and smooth out any bristled fur with your hand. Although it may be tempting, you should never use heat to dry your fur, or brush it out.

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