Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Dress up at the body shape

Choosing the right clothes, the delicate task may seem. What looks good on the shelf does not look as hot as you can.
Then choose the right dress, you must first understand your body type.

Make sure that you have selected all the clothing Umaima Khorakiwala, high-fashion designer, fashion designer, specializing in the best way to spread it strengthens.

Stocks in both formal and leisure Umaima how to choose a dress for her advice.

Body Type

Plump men's high is below the bottom of the letter form the middle of the body as a dress online (narrow and gently flaring form) must be worn at the top.

Avoid empire line (just below the chest to the waist contours obtained), dresses, waistlines and body are set too low in clinching. Interested in this problem area, select a distance before - on the necklines.

Skinny: wrap dress, dress up some skinny frame torch to match the style. Boat neck gives the illusion of broad shoulders. Avoid direct style and clingy knit dress cut.

Because they emphasize the waist, PE: This body type is generally linear, because the safety belt. This body type looks good shirt.

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