Monday, June 14, 2010

Bridal Dresses

Every bride wants to look stunning on her wedding day, so naturally wants a wedding gown that fits perfectly. There are so many dresses to choose from that it can sometimes be overwhelming. Looking through the bridal magazines can give you some great ideas, but how many of us have the figure of the models in the magazine.

Finding a dress that compliments your unique body shape is important. Knowing where to start you search is very helpful. The cut, style and even the fabric of your gown can have a tremendous impact on how you appear on your wedding day. There are some simple guides that can help you get started in selecting the perfect dress that will accent your assets and disguise any flaws.

For the future bride that has an hourglass figure, an off-the-shoulder or strapless gown is perfect. Accentuate the curves with one-piece dresses. A two-piece gown will tend to chop the figure in two. Avoid heavy beading since this can make the bride look heavier.

For the girl with a figure that is pear shaped, a gown with puffy sleeves or shoulder pads is recommended. Avoid body hugging fabrics, full skirts or any cut that makes the top part of the body look smaller and the lower part of the body larger. The idea is to “even things out.”

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