Sunday, August 16, 2009

bearing are the necessary ingredients that go in the making of a dress.

Fashion is the science of appearance, something one should feel good about. One Has to be remembered rather than just noticed. is the best reliable online source of Latest Pakistani fashion bridal wears for all functions of weddings & others dresses & outfits for different occasions. We can mange your dreams within
As I reflect, colors, their blending, proportion around us always fascinated me. I don’t hold credentials of an artist but am proud of my artistic instincts which respond to anything attractive, enchanting and full-some.

With no formal tutoring in fashion design, I firmly believed that self learning, folk wisdom and keen awareness of the trendy moods were the recipe for my success.

Fashion to me is a way we live. It is constantly evolving, defining and redefining itself. Something one should feel good about. One has to be remembered rather than just noticed.

My emphasis is on soft, flowery, rhythmic designs laced with bright colors. I make sure that a dress should be so designed that it is customized for umpteen occasions over a number of years. My theme remains life recycles which works as a creative spirit.

I go for the finest material with best craftsmen creating beautiful bridal and wedding dresses party wears, casual wears and saris. The base material to craft your budge

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