Monday, August 17, 2009

Family values: The importance

ephews, grand-children or my own adult children are around me. I am a hugger and they all know they will get a hug from me. I also tell them "How much I Love Them", this way they have no doubt, if there ever was any. My Family has no doubt, the Bonds are there and will never be broken. When there is an issue to resolve, they all know they are free to call or stop by. We talk things out and we are always there for each other. Being "Bonded" does not mean you have to agree with everything each other does or says. We are all free to do as we chose. If someone in our family needs something, we do our best to pull together and help each other. In other words, we are there for each other. Who else do you go to when you need a little extra moral support. We all talk to our friends, but when the chips are down, it is family we turn to.

I am extra close with my brother's daughter. She is my niece, but also like a daughter to me. She is going through a rough time now and she knows I am here for her. I have been trying to help her as much as I can. She is strong and will make it through. My brother and sister-in-law are glad their daughter comes to me in times like this. Her Mom and Dad are also there for her. We are Family and Family sticks together. From the time my niece was born, my husband and I have been around her. When she was little we babysat for her. Now that she is grown, we are still here for her. This is the way families should be. That is why it is called a "Bond". It is tha

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