Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Uncertain feelings

Uncertain feelings. So many promises made and broken. It seems 6years and 6 months didn’t help to build our relationship. Still your level of understanding and knowing me is still shallow. I am getting rather tired of repeating telling how I felt. Every year I have to repeat all over again, every time the same topic and sentences, perhaps this is showing that there isn’t any improvement and yet it’s a waste of time.

Perhaps all these years I have been lying to myself. Telling myself to give you a chance, lets talks things out since its been so long we have been together. But the truth is things aren’t working out at all. Perhaps its time for me to face the fact.

Maybe I am too afraid to face the fact that once again my relationship comes to an end. Perhaps I am afraid to be alone again. The thought of breaking up, made me thought of the past. Another failure?

If this persistently continues till after the vow, there will be no return.

Am I demanding too much for you to understand me? I have not demand you to give me any luxurious things or romantic things.

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