Thursday, February 10, 2011

Avoid Bad Hair

In the winter, combining with adjacent areas of central heating systems, severe weather wet or damp hair frizzy, brittle static or dull, limp, chaos and attempts to change your design can secure a meeting. It is a good day.

Winter hair is confusing to the world that international teams of scholars have studied how the hair with a kind of winter weather at home and abroad, responds. Laboratory and salons, and experts for the development of useful products and in terms of design aesthetic and extreme cold weather to change processes are studied.

What are the pros discovered that hair that has been chemically treated and are vulnerable to changes in temperature and humidity is. According to experts, John Gray, author of the book in the world of poetry and Tres air conditioning system is built is called a layer. A good pair of ski pants for your hair as the coating microstructure, a natural repellent this thread, makes it smooth and soft water. Dyes and direct treatment, however, that the removal of protective layer.

"When that happens," Gray, «blatantly to the water, which look and behave much as the hair is critical to the ability to control the content of the hair as a result, the impact", says he day may be snow or rain, so that can make your hair heavy and can not control them.

Panic, even young people dealing with damaged hair with the right can restore its luster do not.

The way disk "Animation
Hair to withstand cold and heat out of internal moisture to protect against or close enough moisture in dry air is needed. Charles Ifergan, barber salon owner in Chicago - a country with the harshest winters the city - a small amount of shampoo at the suggestion of using natural hair oil to avoid stripping of December. "I do not rinse out the conditioner and fixed. He says, there is nothing wrong with a little extra moisture is left."

Hair dryer reduces the need
When it is cold outside, it is hotter in conjunction with their strike, if only hot bath with soaking wet hair explosion is tempting dishes. The loss of a highway. "You basically the end of boiling water in your hair are" Gray says. Instead, towel dry your hair, then the time has come to its dry. It was a little wet, and use heat protection hair products and blow dryer on a low average parameter to use.

Do not Hat Bad Hair
, Gray says, hats and scarves under the destroyed hair not only flattens your locks, but takardvats hot sweat, which makes the roots can cause the scalp to feel unclean. "Flat, greasy hair, and often more frequent washing and heat styling is. hat hair may be unavoidable but you open them slowly to the finish by brushing dry to prevent further damage and application of air can make in the first place.

Save Sastkatsats routine
"Every two weeks, and intensive conditioning mask use" Ifergan says after you blow dry hair, conditioning of oil between your palms, rub a small amount, so it lightly to the ends of your hair products are applied ..

Fixed stop
Very dry, cold weather and central heating has increased so much static electricity hair becomes frizzy and weather resistance can be. Products "smart", as 10, polyquaternium dimethylamine stearamidopropyl shampoo and air components, and the street where the need is only useful purpose as dry particles fixed deposit controls. Nylon or synthetic brush and a pig's transition as a de electrified branches hidden bristles, he says, Ifergan.

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