Friday, February 11, 2011

Emo Dress 2011

After centuries of interest of working men, the fellow actually "is not a right or a new dress that changes color depending on mood, thanks to women.

Bubelle dress are made of two layers, inner layer biometric sensor that person's emotions and their color is a second level, and taking projects include foreign tissue.

Dress is sensitive, the electronic giant Philips is to monitor physical changes associated with different emotions have been working on.

Stress, excitement or fear as emotions affect the body temperature and sweat levels and causes changes the light patterns and colors of clothing.

Philip said Ingrid Hair Design "Is it possible that the program material so that it turned red, if you are angry or stressed, or green when you rest."

First ever hit the British high street should form will help couples communicate better.

The skin, such as life in 2020 might be concerned with what the research project was developed as a check. Time Magazine influential clothing best fashion invention of the year said.

Girlfriend: "We see how technology can affect our lives in the future and are willing to make arguments. We want to have clothes and the idea of emotional is something that we consume 10 years'."

Scientists have designed a Dutch company also provides electronic project is part dajvatsknere sensitive to feelings.

The spokesman said that the only way, as well as put on makeup to be taken off to suit the occasion, and tattoos can be modified when there is.

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