Monday, February 14, 2011

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Nail enamel looks great on your hands. However, the application of nail polish is not as easy as, and requires patience, as well as practice.

Here are some tips to get this coat is perfect for your nails:

First, apply a thin layer of their nails. This does not prevent the nail polish to come in direct contact with the nails but also to prevent the cutting of nails. Should base coat to dry completely before applying nail polish. Wait until completely dry.

Now choose a bottle of nail polish, you want to apply. Avoid shaking the bottle before use. Instead, the contract between your hands and roll for about thirty seconds. This will keep the bubbles out of the bottle, and thus contribute to a smooth finish. Pull the brush out of the bottle gently. Clear nail polish to the brush along the bottle. Just to ensure that a sufficient amount of nail polish, stuck on the bristles evenly everywhere.

Carefully applying nail polish to get a blemish free appearance. Nail polish the skin look horrible, so keep a little brush away from your skin. Application of the first stroke of the city pound. Place brush in the middle of the nail and then pull it towards the free edge of the nail. Similarly, the application of the right coat, as well as the left side of the nail. Trying to cover the entire nail three strokes.

If you can not do this, pull the brush gently along the exposed areas of focus to meet along the gliding nail brush to remove all movement in your strokes. Keep dipping the bottle brush if you need more nail polish.

That's how you complete the first coat is perfect. Leave it to dry completely before applying the second coat. Apply a second coat in the same manner as described above.

And the two sides of the nail polish to your nails to stay for a long time. It also helps to get a bottle of nail polish shade similar to those shown. Only nail color will appear lighter in tone. This is the right to apply a smooth coat on your nail polish nails.

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