Friday, February 11, 2011

NineteenSeventies glamour

There is also provided during 70 different fabrics, and thus how they can be translated into fashion. United many other fabrics, which different colors, textures and materials are, so that designers approached the issue of change, he traveled. Not only designers, all travel, and others they are in different countries have been vulnerable to. Various textile fabrics and textile industry the first time I saw people. There was more than just copy old fashion Jeddah.

The younger generation is now unknown, was always central heating. Because fashion always reflected a moment in history, a call, good clothes are mocked on their environment in 1970 starring in particular should. For example, when a woman in a car were traveling in the summer, most likely, the lack of air conditioning in cars left her coat at home. In the winter, and he decided that he brought a coat.

Well, air conditioning and thermal vision, no more serious, where during 1970 point to designers dress for winter clothing, jackets, lightweight fabrics such as velvet, produced after hitting a woman to her very early or wool cover jacket escape luxurious ingredients. Because many cars now a woman's water heaters, where he car, which is in the sticky heat are to be carried out. As you can see several trends that the fashion came in 1970.

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