Monday, January 24, 2011

2011 Fashion

 These along with thigh high socks are set to be very popular, but the school girl look is definitely a no no –so do not wear with pleated skirts. This season it is more of a grown up look with the socks teamed with patterned tights for extra texture. The socks are either worn pulled up or scrunched down.  Knee high socks or just above the knee socks are more slimming than thigh high if you are concerned with the size of your thighs.  In the warmer weather wear thinner and light coloured socks. If you are conscious about your legs, try neutral plain socks or match the colour to your shoe.  Wear a heel for a more sophisticated look.

Wearing knee high socks with hot pants will ensure not too much skin is revealed. But OK with hot pants you do have to be young and have a reasonable figure, so we’ll leave that one for the young fashionistas. However if you wear on the beach then that is a different scenario – it can give you a fun and sexy 1950’s look. Alternative and still on trend looks are:
BOY SHORTS & SHORT SHORTS: Still short but not as figure hugging
these are looser and not so short, usually with a ruffled finish (similar to lingerie) in lace or semi sheer materials. These give a feminine look

Corsets/bustiers will be shown and worn as tops or part of dresses. This is good news for all shapes and sizes as they hold you in, push you up and give curves where none existed. Some will have bra straps giving added support. For a more feminine look, wear silk/satin slips as dresses or tops. Some of the hot pants will be made of satin and so looking like lingerie. For the daring bras will be worn on top of tight tops – no need to hide your La Perlas now.

Big statement necklaces are still on trend. Only have one large statement piece unless your bone structure is large. If you have an angular face, choose jewellery with angular details, e.g. squares, triangles. If you have a contoured face, choose softer detail such as loops, circle, and ovals. Also consider your face shape when choosing jewellery. E.g. a round face will look good in longer earrings as they will lengthen the face, round earrings will only emphasise the roundness of the face.

Patterned pants – stripes, florals, graphic and abstract shapes in bright & bold colours and also subtle & muted colours. Anything as long as they are patterned. Not good news for the bottom heavy figure so go for the more relaxed cuts rather than skinny tailored cuts. This trend will suit top heavy or the boyish figure.
Jodhpurs- high waisted to make the legs look longer and the muffin tops in . The shape gives a curve to the boyish figure and can also help disguise the larger hips.
Jumps suits & playsuits. These were in trend last summer and continue in to SS10. Will look good on curvy figures in the softer fabrics, but also for the straighter figures in a more taut fabric.

Patched ripped jeans - probably only for the younger woman
Genie pants – similar to harem pants but a bit more fitted.

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