Thursday, January 13, 2011

NineteenSeventies glamour

Support was also provided in times of 70 different substances, and thus how they can be translated into fashion. United various other garments made up of different colors, textures and materials so that the designers approached the point of the change that he left. Not only designers either, he traveled all and becoming vulnerable to others what they were wearing in different countries. People who first saw different fabrics and textiles. There was more than just a fad prints of old Jeddah.

Unknown to this young generation now, there was always central. Because fashion always reflected a moment in history, one should say very good clothing scorned their environment, especially in enacting the 1970th For example, she once a woman got into a car in summer, most likely left her coat at home due to lack of air conditioning in cars. In winter, she made sure she brought a coat.

Well, after hitting the air conditioning and heating stage, which no longer have to go heavy to the point where designers of the period dress in 1970, produced lighter clothes for winter, such as clothing, jackets, velvet of a woman to cover rapidly or wool jacket Plush to flee from the elements. Because most cars now have a wife heaters can be run from the place where they are, to the car, which was heated to about tacky. As you can see there are many trends when it came to fashion in 1970.

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