Tuesday, January 11, 2011

70s NineteenSeventies glamour

After a decade of the world of fashion in the 60′s proving to society just how independent and socially progressive they could be here comes the 1970′s fashion. Just when the bold, flashy style of the mini-skirt and go-go boot had its first appearance in the 60′s, here comes the halter neck cat suit of the 1970′s period. With its definite influence of the urban Motown music scene the glamorous evening trousers and halter-tops were soon to take over.
The style of dress on a typical evening in the 1970′s consisted of nothing except glam which was short for glamorous, a term still employed in the fashion world until this day. Sequins and empire lined dresses were all too flashy for those conservative grandmama high neck-wearing folk. If you called yourself a style expert in the 1970′s fancy dress age you most likely kept some sort of mini-dress that slid just above your knee with 2 3-inch platform-soled shoes. The 1970′s fashion was a time of black halter dress patterns or a short flared skirt.
As travel began to become the ever so popular action to take so did the fashion. As designers took their ideas to other bits of the world during the 1970′s they brought back a hippy-styled look. There were influences from the Vietnam War and other events that occurred which encouraged designers to concentrate on accessories and a bohemian look.

There was also an introduction in the 70′s times of various different fabrics and how that translated into fashion. Other nations had different clothing, which consisted of different textures, colours and materials so as designers neared that point of change they traveled. Not just designers either, everyone traveled and became exposed to what others were wearing in different states. For the first time folks were saw different fabrics and textiles. There was more to fashion than just old granny prints.
Unknown to this young generation now, there has not always been Central Heating. Because fashion has always reflected its moment in history one should very well say that clothes mocked their environment particularly in the 1970′s age. For instance, when a lady traveled in a vehicle in the summer time she most likely left her coat at home due to having no air conditioner in automobiles. In the winter she made sure she brought a coat.
Well, after the air conditioning and heat hit the scene you no longer had to go so heavy so designers during the 1970′s dress period, produced lighter clothing for the winter such as velvet garment jackets for a lady to quickly cover herself or a wool velour jacket to flee from the elements. Since most vehicles now had heaters a girl could run from the place where she was, to the car, which glaringly was heated. As you can see there were many trends when it came to the 1970′s fashions.

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