Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Barbie Doll Collecting 2011

5. Garment industry, the amount of clothes and made for Barbie and her friends and colleagues based company Mattel Home. More than 105 million miles from the material used during only the last to make clothes for these dolls.

6. Japan's first Barbie doll. This right is to obtain in Japan on the soles of the feet. In Korea later. Copyright mark on the back of the doll.

7. Matell estimates that there are 100,000 adult collectors of Barbie dolls are over. Most of them are female with an average age of 40. Each year at least 20 to buy Barbie dolls. Half of them spend more than $ 1000 a year to their collection.

8. Matell Barbie and her allies for nearly a billion different fashion clothing is made. It also more than a billion pairs of shoes provided.

9. Barbie and her Versace Gucci high fashion, and clothes designed by famous designers including Givenchy. Uniform approved by the Pentagon before going into production.

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