Friday, January 21, 2011

Wide-leg pants in 2011

This trend is a positive influence on a woman interested in a wide leg trousers are. and encourages such identification, and all kinds of amazing information that fine and fun ways more androgynous, and the rest of our material for the smooth parts, as well as allows us to look at cutting the body, cinched waist of a more balanced ratio can be higher than juxtaposition. Sophisticated full-time attention to tghamardkayin through tender,
with the rest after such a sharp and detailed high-medium: This volume and to separate itself in the foot of the trousers on the way to 2011. A perfect view vintage.Jeans more modern looking dim, or may be inclined to bid up the last one under the above-wide votani tghamardkayin be inspired. 2011, we are very poor, or Jean-votani, the ways of a minority, instead of the more hip-thin legs and flared legs and wide to be installed or in the middle is a pair of jeans.

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